The powerful charging controller developed by Technagon

The centerpiece of the charging station of Technagon is our charging controller. It was developed by ourselves.

Giro-e paying directly with the card at the charging station

The topic of payment is a central aspect when choosing a charging-station. Technagon relies on the system Giro-e. This enables users of charging stations to pay easily and uncomplicatedly with their giro-card.

The credit card terminal - mandatory as of July 2023

By integrating the Pay-t terminal, our charging stations allow the use of a wide variety of payment methods. No matter whether RFID or fleet cards, EC cards or credit cards – from now on, you pay the way YOU want! The terminal has a PIN pad, a NFC function, a magnetic stripe reader as well as the classic smart card reader.

Technagon is compliant with calibration law – in every aspect

Basically: All Technagon charging stations are compliant with calibration law. That means: Every charging process can be recorded and billed in a legally secure manner. The design principles of the measurement and the calibration law were developed to ensure more price transparency and customer protection. Our concepts for meeting the requirements of the measuring law and the calibration law, also of the measurment regulation and calibration regulation „S.A.F.E“ and interoperable.

Load management in 3 stages:A right solution for every situation

In terms of load management we offer solutions in 3 different stages. Thanks to this approach we can offer a right load management solution for every entitlement and every genral condition.

ISO 15118 – the smart way of communication

ISO 15118 ist ein internationaler Standard für die bidirektionale Kommunikation zwischen Elektroauto und Ladestation, der stetig ISO 15118 is an international standard for the bidirectional communication between electric car and charging station, which is constantly developed and more functions are added. ISO 15118 is seen as a key enabler for several technologies that are making the charging of electric cars increasingly efficient, easier and more grid friendly. Technagon has already implemented the charging communication between the vehicle and the charging station – the so-called vehicle-to-grid communication – in various smart solutions:
Plug and Charge