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Technagon is an E-mobility pioneer

Technagon is an innovative company in Grafenau that was fully committed to electromobility more than 10 years ago. Technagon is playing an absolute pioneering role in this area. Since then, we have grown with the rapid developments in the field of e-mobility and are constantly working on the further development of charging technology and IT system connections. The reason why we are able to develop and build top charging stations with our own hardware and software “Made in Germany” today, depends on our history.


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Technagon is a point of sale professional

Our long-standing experience in the Point of Sale area has made us specialists in the field of housing robustness and protection against vandalism, burglary and data safety, but also in the areas of authentification, payment and billing. That’s why we know exactly what is needed for a charging station that is exposed to wind and weather and other influences.

Technagon is a specialist in digital signage

In addition we are a specialist in the world of digital signage. We have been dealing with topics such as innovative display technologies, device sensors, methods for anti-reflective coating, device cooling or concepts for particularly large displays for a long time. That’s why we can now build charging stations that are provided with brilliant displays with a diagonal of up to 46 inches and offer numerous options in terms of payment, advertising and customer communication.

Technagon is innovative

The result is that in all our charging stations there is not only plenty of know-how from various areas but above all a lot of heart and soul from our engineers, software developers, electronic technicians and industrial clerks. They all contribute their knowledge and solution orientation to the charging technology of tomorrow. We are proud of this innovative strength and the fact that we have played a key role in shaping the charging infrastructure sector for years. Our success is not only proven by a number of well-known customers such as Porsche, Audi and E.ON but also by a large number of nominations and awards for our products.

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Our technological history

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