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Charging stations

Technagon P40 - AC

high quality | 2 charging points each 22 kW

Technagon P45 - AC

with house junction box | 2 charging points each 22 kW

Technagon P80 - AC

with 46" color display | 2 charging points each 22 kW


Technagon W40 - AC

compact | 2 charging points each 22 kW


Charging module

certified according to calibration regulations, individually exchangeable

Payment module

Can be integrated into any wallbox and charging station




Wallbox W40

Compact AC wall box, 22 kW power

Wallbox W50 available soon

Powerful DC wall box, 40 kW power


Charging module

certified according to calibration regulations, individually exchangeable

Payment module

Can be integrated into any wallbox and charging station

Charging stations

Charging station P40

2 charging points | 44 kW

Charging station P45

with house junction box, 2 charging points | 44 kW

Charging station P80

46" color display, 2 charging points | 44 kW



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Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions from our customers and users of our charging stations. Just browse through, maybe your question is already included. If not, you are always very welcome to contact our support.

Our standard packaging consists a cardboard box with foam padding. Two charging stations can be stacked horizontally on a pallet. Special packaging according to customer specifications is possible at any time after consultation.

The 1st level support is based on the user on site and is traditionally a fault hotline. The 2nd level support comes to the rescue when there are technical problems with the charging station that require specialist knowledge of the station or an on-site visit, and is typically the service technician. According to our definition, only the manufacturer can provide 3rd level support. These are topics that require deep software or hardware insight or a complex understanding of the charging system.
Bieten Sie auch den Vor-Ort-Service an?

In individual cases, we carry out on-site service assignments ourselves. Our professional partners are used for larger-scale field campaigns or geographically widespread assignments.
Kann das Display auch Videos und Präsentationen wiedergeben?

Yes, our support will be happy to provide a detailed specification of the interface and the supported formats. Just ask us.
Kann die Ladesäule an spezifische Bedürfnisse angepasst werden?

Yes, you are very welcome to contact us with your individual requirements. In addition, we can create your design for the foiling on request.

The VDE-AR 4100 is a working guideline of the VDE, which gives the network operator the right to make demands on the charging device in many places, for example overvoltage protection or remote control. However, conformity always depends on how the respective network operator interprets the VDE-AR 4100 and which points from it he wants to have implemented and how technically. A blanket statement on conformity is therefore hardly possible. However, our HAK solution offers full flexibility in this regard and can be described as “VDE-AR 4100 Ready”.

There are two options: either you send us the ready-to-print foiling data 2 weeks before the agreed delivery date and we organize the foiling for you, or you send your foliation partner to our factory before delivery after prior consultation with us. On request, we can also create the design for the foiling.

Various factory settings can be made, e.g. the SIM card settings, backend informations, HMI brandings or power limitation. You are welcome to send us your necessary settings. We are happy to examine the possibilities.

We will soon have a sensible solution for the purchasing of individual charging stations. If you contact us, we will be happy to help you today.

Since the charging stations only have to be conform to calibration law in Germany, only the stations with the type abbreviation “ERK” conform to German calibration law.

Yes, these are offered. We also offer an innovative solution that can be brought in without heavy lifting tools/crane.

he Technagon charging stations are compatible with all common backend providers. Integration tests are carried out regularly for this purpose. At the beginning of the project, however, we recommend – depending on the project setup – to carry out a dedicated test, since there are many factors influencing connectivity.