Load management in 3 stages:A right solution for every situation

In terms of load management we offer solutions in 3 different stages. Thanks to this approach we can offer a right load management solution for every entitlement and every genral condition.

Stage 1: Statistic load management

The easiest solution approach for the load management concentrates on the connected load of one or more charging stations. This can be set to the desired value statically via WebInterface or OCPP-configuration. The performance values have to be less than or equal to the physically available network expansion power.

Stage 2: Local-dynamic load management

If the required charging power exceeds the maximum total power, the charging station distributes the current available charging power intelligentlyto the two charging points.

Stage 3: Remote-dynamic load management

Stage 3 presents the most complex and at the same time most flexible solution approach: The charging station receives the specifications for the maximum available power for the entire charging station or the respective charging point from superior management systems (building management, backend, or a network monitoring system). For the charging station it is irrelevant from which dedicated system the control variable comes from.