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Charging stations

Technagon P40 - AC

high quality | 2 charging points each 22 kW

Technagon P45 - AC

with house junction box | 2 charging points each 22 kW

Technagon P80 - AC

with 46" color display | 2 charging points each 22 kW


Technagon W40 - AC

compact | 2 charging points each 22 kW


Charging module

certified according to calibration regulations, individually exchangeable

Payment module

Can be integrated into any wallbox and charging station




Wallbox W40

Compact AC wall box, 22 kW power

Wallbox W50 available soon

Powerful DC wall box, 40 kW power


Charging module

certified according to calibration regulations, individually exchangeable

Payment module

Can be integrated into any wallbox and charging station

Charging stations

Charging station P40

2 charging points | 44 kW

Charging station P45

with house junction box, 2 charging points | 44 kW

Charging station P80

46" color display, 2 charging points | 44 kW



Technagon is growing! Become part of our team in Bavaria.

Technagon W50
powerful DC charging with 50 kW

The Premium Wallbox W50 enables particularly fast vehicle charging. The charging module, which complies with calibration regulations, is provided in a DC version. Developed and manufactured in Bavaria.

Advanced Charging Experience

The compact and elegant design of the Wallbox W50 is charming. Loading will put a smile on your face.

The premium wallbox W50 charges powerfully with up to 50 kW. In doing so, it relies on established values of Technagon products: high quality, excellent design and advanced technology. The DC charging module complies with calibration regulations and is therefore ideally suited for (semi-)public spaces.

DC fast charging with up to 50 kW

Integrated charging cable, permanently connected

Payment terminal can be integrated as an option

Charging modules conforming to calibration regulations

Highly compatible with backend providers

integrated protection against vandalism

integrated load management

developed and manufactured in Bavaria

Charging module compliant with calibration law

The unique charging module revolutionizes the operation of charging stations

The Wallbox W50 comes with a premium charging module that has a maximum charging power of 50 kW. Operation is intuitive via a 4.3″ color display. Delivery takes place with a permanently connected charging cable.

Compliant with calibration law

Thanks to its custody transfer certification as a closed unit, the loading module considerably simplifies the service process. In the event of a service requirement, the module is simply replaced without the need for recertification.

Innovative charge controller

The charging module contains a charge controller developed in-house by Technagon, based on the company's know-how and experience in hardware and software development. This means that operators' requirements and wishes can be implemented quickly and flexibly.

Perfectly compatible

The charging module fits all Technagon charging stations and wallboxes. It communicates with all common backend providers, so that integration into existing systems is also straightforward. Standardization ensures the future viability of all Technagon charging stations.

Easy to exchange

The standardization of the charging module means that it can be used in all wallboxes and charging stations. Replacement is straightforward by loosening four screws - and can be done in minutes by a trained technician.

Intuitive operation

The charging module has a 4.3-inch color display that provides intuitive user guidance. During development, care was taken to ensure that the display does not require any keys and that the menu navigation uses symbols to ensure language independence.

Integrated charging cable

The Wallbox W50 comes with an integrated charging cable that is also suitable for the high DC power. If the charging cable is not in use, it can be anchored directly in the charging module.

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Optional payment module

Accept payments directly at the charging station

The optional payment module can be integrated into the standardized fixtures of all Technagon charging stations. It enables the flexible use of numerous payment methods – with billing accurate to the kilowatt hour in compliance with calibration law.

Intuitive operation

The payment terminal is operated directly via a 5" touch display. Users are guided through the selected payment procedure and can change the language if necessary.

Optimally protected

Both the materials used and the design of the payment terminal are designed to protect it - both in terms of water, dust and scratches, and against vandalism.

PIN pad and NFC integrated

The payment terminal has a PIN pad, an NFC function, a magnetic stripe reader and a classic smart card reader. This means that all common card payment methods are supported.

Supplies all charging stations

Your charging infrastructure can be configured so that one payment terminal can be used for multiple charging stations. This saves costs and optimizes the number of charging points available.

Technical specifications

The technical details underline the quality of the Wallbox W50

Screen 4.3" color display per charging point
Dimensions (H x W x D) 940 x 570 x 260 mm
Operating temperature -25°C to +40 °C
Charging ports 1 x 50 kW
Maximum charge power 40kW-63A/ 3Phases, 35mm²
Communication protocol OCPP 1.6 (2.0 in preparation)
External IT systems Connection via GPRS, UMTS, LTE, Ethernet connection
Load management static load management, dynamic load management (local & OCPP)
Standards for loading operations IEC 61851-1
Safety standards IP 54 according to IEC 60529, protection class 1 according to DIN EN 61140, CE "Class A" according to EU Directive 2004/108/EC, DIN EN 55022, DIN EN 61439-1

The premium wallbox W50 will be available soon. Make a note.

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