Charging controller


The powerful charging controller developed by Technagon

The centerpiece of the charging station of Technagon is our charging-controller. It was developed by ourselves. Many years of development work and know-how has gone into the charging-controller. By a microcontroller and an additionally integrated efficient industry-PC all charging processes can be controlled in real time. Furthermore the exact fit to all common IT-backend-providers became possible due to the OCCP.


Aspects for the Technagon charging-controller:

Compliant with calibration law and flexible to the maximum at the same time: The Technagon charging-controller is independent of the functions of the calibration law and is uncommited and flexible to the maximum.  
Fit for the future for the safety of your investments: We have access to the charging-controller and can modify it at any time because hardware and software is developed, produced and combined by Technagon. If changes are about to come we try to create the opportunity to upgrade the charging-controller – in order to secure your investments long-dated  
Your requirements in the Technagon-charging-controller: It is no problem to realize your requirements and wishes fast and uncomplicated because we have complete access to our own charging-controller.