Technagon is compliant with calibration law – in every aspect

Basically: All Technagon charging stations are compliant with calibration law. That means: Every charging process can be recorded and billed in a legally secure manner. The design principles of the measurement and the calibration law were developed to ensure more price transparency and customer protection. Our concepts for meeting the requirements of the measuring law and the calibration law, also of the measurment regulation and calibration regulation „S.A.F.E“ and interoperable.


The Technagon charging technology is compliant with calibration law according to module B and module D since summer 2019. This means that it is allowed for Technagon to place charging stations into circulation without the influence of a calibration authority. Thereby we were one of the first producers in Germany!   


Our concept for fulfilling the calibration law does not affect the independence of charging controller hardware and software. That is why we can carry out functional adjustments and changes of the charging stations for you at any time, without the need of a new approval.


Our signed billing datas are compatible with the transparency-software of the S.A.F.E.-initiative and therefore very customer-friendly. Since all charging processes at a charging station are saved securely over their entire service life, there is no obligation for the backend operator to provide physically accessible long-term storage.