Plug and Charge

ISO 15118 – the smart way of communication

ISO 15118 is an international standard for the bidirectional communication between electric car and charging station, which is constantly developed and more functions are added. ISO 15118 is seen as a key enabler for several technologies that are making the charging of electric cars increasingly efficient, easier and more grid friendly. Technagon has already implemented the charging communication between the vehicle and the charging station – the so-called vehicle-to-grid communication – in various smart solutions:


The vehicle automatically authenticates itself at the charging station via a secure communication link. This makes handling an RFID-card needless.

Smart Charging:

To charge, when the electricity is cheap, or the optimising of the charging characteristic in terms of costs and time are only a tiny part of the functions, which are available via Smart Charging.

Bidirectional charging:

The integration of electric cars as an energy storage into the existing electricity grid infrasturcture is a crucial step to the Smart Grid. Therefore all Technagon charging stations are already prepared for bidirectional charging.