Giro-e paying directly with the card at the charging station

The topic of payment is a central aspect when choosing a charging-station. Technagon relies on the system Giro-e. This enables users of charging stations to pay easily and uncomplicatedly with their giro-card.

It’s that easy:

… for the operator

individually adaptable billing models no contract with electromobility provider necessary
all demands for price-transparency and clarity are met by Technagon’s OCPP-based software interface – the condition is the corresponding backend support
optionally the involvement of Dynamic-QR, Giro-e and RFID on a charging station is possible

… for the customers

 contactless paying with the existing giro card clear price indication on the display – before, during and after charging no prior registration or pre-announcement for paying necessary no additional smartphone-app necessary – and therefore also no mobile network necessary no condition with electromobility provider necessary

Illustration QR-Code on display

A QR-Code is generated on the display of the Technagon charging station via the Dynamic-QR-function. This can be used for paying via your own website, it can be a voucher code or it can give proposive help with problems. A positive aspect is, that you are always flexible and open for new things, due to the display. Thanks to the Dynamic-QR, the user of the charging station always feels well looked after.